Automating life through Technology

Services Offered

Web Development

Turn your ideas, company or business into a website for everyone to see.

App Development

Everyone needs an application of sorts in this day and age. Let us help you have one of your own too.

Tech Consultancy

Allow us to answer your how, why, what, when, where and who, when it comes to I.T queries.

Software Upgrade

Using new and upgraded software systems helps improve your work efficiency and a business.

Cyber Security

Let software security be the least of your problem, because we gat you covered.

Networking Consultancy

We offer expert and detailed info on how to wire and setup a Local Area Network for your workplace.


Artificial Intelligence, Surgery, and Trust

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What is 5G and why should I care?

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Our Projects

Accident Detection
Emergency Response System

We've developed a system that can detect a vehicle accident and, in real-time, alert the closest medical personnel to locate the crash-site via google-maps and respond.


Picture a geographically decentralized healthcare system that is able to attend to several medical needs with easy & efficiency.

Nyumba Real-Estate Advertisement

Advertising real-estate is just a click away.

You're Project

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